Thursday, January 29, 2009

Say no to 'moral policing'

First thing i want to say is-"who decides what is right or wrong for girls?" and who gives them the right to do that...
Certainly not our Constitution. As long as responsible adult girls do not break any laws, why can't they have alcohol? In spite of being a strict non-alcoholic myself, I don't mind if any other girl wants to have a drink..I don't drink because I really don't like the taste of alcohol..Well,that was 'MY' decision and not because I'm afraid of a bunch of goons.. Every adult woman has a right to do what SHE wants to, unless it breaks the law. Which 'law' did those women actually break may I ask? Well,I'm a Hindu girl by birth but I don't find anything wrong in having a drink or two or mingling with boys belonging to any other religious sect.. As far as I remember my school studies, India is supposed to be a 'secular country', at least that's what we were taught..We are in a democratic country, aren't we? I'm beginning to doubt that.
The Government 'WE' elect does not protect 'US'..Just because some bunch of "goondas" couldn't swallow(let alone digest)the fact that Indian women are finally being liberated, they come and vandalize a pub and beat up innocent women!!! Simply 'OUTRAGEOUS'!!!!! As a law abiding citizen of India, I just don't ask but actually 'DEMAND' that these self-recruited(and unanimously undesired) Ram/Ravan/Banar or any else 'senas' be taken to task.. they should be punished in such a manner that the other outfits/counterparts of these 'moral police' in other corners of India never dare to repeat such shameful events.